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FPS Csgo Maps

  • This map is based on the classic Counter-Strike Source map scoutnadezpyramid. If you haven't played that map before there are two pyramids where each team spawn at the bottom on opposite sides. In the classic map players use the scout and grenades. However, in this map I have changed it for revolvers and grenades only, hence the name NadezRevolver. As with my other maps I have included exploding barells and boxes to hide behind. 
    I hope you enjoy :)

    https://gamebanana.com/maps/35880 (original map by LukeTronic on Game banana)



  • Welcome to another map by FPS Gaming - Old Man Carpark 
    Exactly as the name suggests this map is set in an old dingy car park. Loads of boxes and walls to hide behind. There is a bomb site in the middle surrounded by flaming barrels.

    More barrels are dotted around the map and they will explode when they are shot. 
    I hope you enjoy the map




  • Welcome to the new FPS gaming sandman map!

    I created the sandman map as a break from the repetitive comp matches and to have some fun with my friends. Here is a brief description of the map as a whole and the method of gameplay.
    Sandman is a bomb defusal map with a twist in the shape of a huge pyarmid and a huge red X on the top. The terrorists try to get to the top of the pyramid to plant the bomb and the counter-terrorists try and stop them. It's not as easy as that though as it takes a fair amount of time to jump over each step and multiple angles to get shot in the back of the head. There are four ladders on each corner of the map that leads to a ledge going round the whole of the map and many boxes to hide behind.






    TDB SQHEAD is made by the lads at TDB and FPS gaming.

    The map has got 2 levels and with 6 walkways on each side of the map.

    A small walkway in the middle with boxes and walls to hide but watch out the barrel could get you.



  • Welcome to my second map, White Factory. 
    No objective of rescuing hostages or planting bombs, 
    this map is just a bit of fun to practice your aim with your friends
    There are lots of boxes and panels to hide behind and an upper level to gain advantage 
    on unsuspecting enemies on the floor below. The snow doesn't 
    just make it look pretty it also gives you constant paranoia every 
    time you hear a crunchy footstep. Oh and the seemingly innocent barrels will send you 
    flying if they are shot. I hope you all enjoy this map as much as I do.




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